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Suspense Sisters (1)

Suspense Sisters: Interview with Mark Young

“I grit my teeth reading scenes where a man wants to talk about his feelings. Give me a break! Show me, don’t tell me. Here is a more realistic encounter:  Grimacing, he said, “Everything’s fine.” She watched him clenching his fingers into a tight ball, shattering a shot glass brimming with sarsaparilla . Okay, maybe a little over the top, but let me translate: “Yeah, I’m hurt. Leave me the heck alone. And ‘no’  I don’t want to talk about it.”  You get the message without the guy sucking out all the air in the room telling you how he feels.”

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Crime Fictionista

Crime Fictionista Interview: Mark Young Nails it Again with FATAL eMPULSE


“Mark Young is a name that comes up all the time in purpose-driven crime fiction. I’ve read his work and I’d put his heroes in the classical “warrior” archetype – self-controlled, possessing moral courage. Taking full responsibility for his actions in the mission. Demonstrating an ethical code of personal honor, noble restraint, and individual humility for his deeds. These qualities in Mark’s heroes intrigue me and make me want to keep reading.”

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Whitewater and Killers spark Revenge

Excerpt from Zimbio Book Reviews: Guest Post- Fishing, Whitewater, and Killers spark REVENGE

“Whitewater and Killers spark Revenge: Guest Blog”:  By now, readers, you may have picked up on the fact that I actually converse with my characters—and they talk back. For example, here is my conversation with Travis Mays as I try to warn him about his future: Mark: “Life doesn’t always work out the way you want, Travis. After all, I am a novelist. It is my job to complicate your world and provide a novel that grabs a reader and never lets them go until the end. So buck up, my man. Your world’s about to get turned upside down. Travis: “Your ruthless, Mark. I just wanted to live up here in the mountains and to be left alone.” Mark: “Sorry, pal. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can. Your past is going to catch up like a Mac truck at full throttle.”

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Joan Reeves

Living in a World Without Privacy – Guest blog by Mark Young

“This morning, my guest is mystery author Mark Young. Mark is an award-winning journalist, a Vietnam combat veteran, and, prior to undertaking a full-time writing career, he served as a police officer with the Santa Rosa Police Department in California for twenty-six years. Mark served with several law enforcement task force operations, including the Presidential Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force targeting major drug traffickers, and the federal Organized Crime Task Force charged with identifying and prosecuting prison gang leaders.”

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Random Jottings

Mark Young: OFF THE GRID

“Regarding your question about prejudice and ‘short-cutting the traditional process,’ I think there will always be a certain amount of prejudice lurking out there in the writing community. But I believe attitudes are changing, among many readers and authors—if not from traditional publishers. However, with this freedom of indie publishing comes a responsibility to make the novel as professional as any of those released by major publishers. Authors need to be prepared to pay the cost for solid editing services, as well as formatting and design expenses, while continuing to push themselves to develop their writing craft.”

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Her book Self


REVENGE – A Travis Mays Novel (Indie Summer)

This post also marks a return to Indie in Summer – my tribute to small press and independent writers – but I have to say that if you didn’t know Revenge was an independent work, you would be hard pressed to believe the claim that author Mark Young has not yet been scouted by a big name publisher. The book was definitely on par with bestsellers in the genre and at just $0.99 for the Kindle eBook it’s a bargain not to be missed!”

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Girl Who Reads

Good Mystery -REVENGE

“Mark Young weaves a complicated web of connections. Though I wasn’t entirely convinced of the catalyst that sent the dominoes tumbling, it was an interesting plot. Full of twist and red herrings, I was suspicious of almost all the characters. Sprinkled throughout the tale are subtle clues that allow the reader to eliminate suspects one by one…Now I’m off to see what else is available from Mark Young as my mom has a birthday next week.”

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Amazon’s KDP Select for Authors:  Guest Blog by Mark Young

“One last word about KDP. Authors need to look down the road beyond tomorrow. Exclusivity has never worked well in any market, including publishing, in my opinion. I hope to build a long-term relationship with many outlets and many companies. That means that Amazon must stand with the others, unless, of course, they offer me a Thomas & Mercer contract, then I’d reconsider. See! Everything changes.”

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REVENGE, A Travis Mays Novel by Mark Young

“Many of you may take a look at my rating and think that I didn’t care for the book. You would be wrong. I did. Although the book really doesn’t have anything new in terms of plot, writing or characterization, it did hold my interest throughout. How? Because author Mark Young has given us multiple perpetrators with multiple objectives. I had my mind set on one bad guy, but the more pages I turned, the more I thought, “Now, wait a second….” Once my curiosity was fully engaged, I was hooked.”

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Heroes Among Us – Part 1 of Mark Young’s Guest Blog

“As this character developed in my mind, I brushed aside the cob webs and relived moments of my own experience in the Marines during the Vietnam conflict. It was 1968. Our company had sustained 120 percent casualties in the battle over HueCity. I and my fellow Marines, fresh from the states, became replacements for those killed or injured in that conflict. We were moved from that battlefield to the mountain tops along what was dubbed the Ho Chi Minh trail, a jungle pathway weaving through the countries of Laos and Cambodia, along the Vietnamese borders. This network of jungle trails, beneath heavy jungle foliage, was being used by the enemy to move troops and equipment from North Vietnam into South Vietnam. We were charged with providing protection to engineers, as they built mountaintop landing zones (LZs) to allow helicopters to land troops and equipment into the area.”

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Heroes Among Us – Part 2 of Mark Young’s Guest Blog

“Finally, orders came through to break off and head toward our main camp. Just as we veered off, enemy soldiers opened up. Our machine gunner was the first man hit. My adrenaline kicked in. As I reached for another magazine of ammunition, I realized that I had been hit. Someone yelled ‘medic’ as the jungle around us seemed riddled with enemy fire. I saw a lone corpsman crawling through the brush, working his way toward our position amidst heavy enemy fire. With little regard for his own safety, I watched this man move forward and began to treat each of us who had been hit.”

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Prissy Snob

REVENGE: A Travis Mays Novel by Mark Young

“This story was very balanced and well written. There were a lot of twists and turns and just when you thought you had the killer figured out there was more. The story never felt unrealistic even though it was full of high energy ‘Law & Order’ type police stuff. There were points where this story got so exhilarating that you had to keep reading…Revenge is one of those hidden jewels that I’m glad found me.”

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