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Suspense Sisters (1)

Suspense Sisters: Interview with Mark Young

“I grit my teeth reading scenes where a man wants to talk about his feelings. Give me a break! Show me, don’t tell me. Here is a more realistic encounter:  Grimacing, he said, “Everything’s fine.” She watched him clenching his fingers into a tight ball, shattering a shot glass brimming with sarsaparilla . Okay, maybe a little over the top, but let me translate: “Yeah, I’m hurt. Leave me the heck alone. And ‘no’  I don’t want to talk about it.”  You get the message without the guy sucking out all the air in the room telling you how he feels.”

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Helping Indie Authors

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By Mark Young
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1213571_gorilla_marketingIndie authors must fight every day to gain discoverablity in today’s challenging market. They must compete with well-financed traditional publishers who have a strangle hold on how and where books are placed, including advertising and marketing. Traditional publishers enjoy a near-monopoly of their products in franchised and independent book stores because of the deals they can make regarding return of product, discounted prices, and the fear books store owners harbor over Amazon’s expanding influence over the market place.

So how do indie authors/publisher compete against such odds? (Click here to read more)

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