Travis Mays


His stern struck a submerged rock, jamming the bow forward, burying him in a shallow grave of water. He fought to right himself, but the current corkscrewed him into its depths and he lost his balance. Roaring sheets of water buried him, pounding his head with icy fists. Revenge, Chapter 2.



Jessie picked a window seat overlooking the highway. The one-story restaurant offered a view of Highway 12. Beyond the road, he saw the Three Rivers Rafting Company on the far side of the Lochsa River, its campground filled with patrons. He slid into a seat across from her, “Any Recommendations?” Revenge, Chapter 13




John Steele scanned campsites at Three Rivers and saw Frank White Eagle’s car parked near the lodge. Night descended, but light from the resort illuminated the parking lot nearest the camp store. He parked near the chief’s car and killed his engine. Revenge, Chapter 64




A hot August sun beat down on the river and the water looked cool, clear and inviting. As she drew near, they turned and began the trek downstream side by side. Like the river that flowed past his cabin, his life seemed to have escaped those eddies of stagnation, finally moving forward with a promise of hope. Darkness of the past slowly slipping away as the future began to take shape. Maybe for once his life would become like the river he loved…Clearwater. Revenge, Chapter  79


A dark image flickered over emerald waters. Travis Mays glanced skyward to see a vulture searching for carrion, its tip feathers spread like blackened fingers against a hazy-blue sky. He crouched by the river, listening to rushing water as he eyed the scavenger winging a path above the Lochsa River. Revenge, Chapter 2. (An actual  photo the Lochsa River in Idaho. The brown spots are from river water when I capsized in a raft).




Traversing Terrell Mall, he trudged into the main hallway of Wilson Hall, choosing the stairs rather than the elevator. A little exercise might just wake him up. Reaching the third floor, he entered the Department of Social Sciences by a rear entrance and sauntered toward his office. He heard a cough just as he sat down at this desk. Revenge, Chapter 8




Travis saw Jessie—arms rigid—waiting in the parking lot of the tribal police station as they drove up. Her body language made it clear trouble lie ahead…”Frank. How much money would it take for you to keep on driving?”…”You haven’t got enough, my friend.” Frank chuckled as he slid the car into a reserved parking spot near Jessie. “See you inside.” Revenge, Chapter 22.


Ten minutes later, he pulled into the parking lot of the only restaurant in Lowell, a mountain hamlet kept alive by passing motorists. Population, thirteen people at last count. He saw Jessie standing, arms crossed, under a sign that read ‘Ryan’s Wilderness Inn. Revenge. Chapter 13.





Creasy faced the river, watching the white-capped water tumbling beneath the bridge. “Your situation is profitable to me because of other plans. You heard what I can accomplish and you jumped at the chance. Now, shut up and let me do my job.” Revenge, Chapter 10. (Photo of bridge leading into Orofina, Id. where Creasy met with his ‘client’ to discuss plans for a murder).



IMGA0186Nez Perce Tribal Police shoulder patch on display at the NPTP police station in Lapwai,Idaho.